Cryptocurrency & Cannabis

The industry of Cryptocurrency has been around for a few years by now and despite some initial hesitation, it is gaining ground by the minute, as the marijuana industry. We think that combining the two industries is a winning concept.


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VIRIDI was in the beginning the only cryptocurrency allowing investments in marijuana plants. The marijuana industry is lucrative business with a billion-dollar value worldwide. The industry is constantly growing as new countries legalizes the use of marijuana. The foremost use of VIRIDI is to get access in the investment opportunity, which enables investors to get a high return.

The Main Company for VIRIDI is Exer Global Group Corp., based in Cyprus while “Guardians of VIRIDI AG” from Lichtenstein is the trustee company for VIRIDI coin having invested in large cannabis plantations in Switzerland.

The dividend from these plantations form VIRIDI’s underlying value. This value is what allows the company to give VIRIDI coin owners a return on investments 4 times yearly. The vision is to facilitate the worldwide growth and distribution of cannabis via investments that have an attractive return policy and will give the VIRIDI coin a high value.

We aspire to


Support standardization of the marijuana and cryptocurrency industry.


Be responsible and transparent, with a commitment to legislation, ethics and morals .


Support reduction of illegal distribution of marijuana and increase health awareness.


Develop a smart system facilitating the linking between marijuana and cryptocurrency.
7% of Block Reward
5.000 VIRIDI
30% of Block Reward
15.000 VIRIDI
60% of Block Reward
25.000 VIRIDI

Fund distribution

  • 77.5 Million Operation and Production
  • 46.5 Million Marketing and Exchange Sites
  • 31 Million Technology and Innovation

Coin distribution

  • 90 Million Early Investors
  • 30 Million 1th & 2th Stage Contribution
  • 45 Million Mining & Masternode Reward
  • 20 Million Dev and Founders
  • 10 Million Bounty & Airdrop
  • 5 Million Advisiors
Our Strategy and Project Plan
4th Quarter 2017
Exer CanaPlus Ltd established
Viridi Token born
Presale Tokens
Location found for cultivation
Legal certification for cannabis cultivation
Build website
1th Quarter 2018
Presale tokens
Grow lamps and test cultivation setup
Product testing, test cannabis strains and classification
2th Quarter 2018
Presale tokens
Start development viridi windows wallet, online webwallet, Masternodes and blockchain
3th Quarter 2018
Presale tokens
Second cultivation setup 1000 kg.
Viridi blockchain go live
Release of online webwallet for Viridi Coin
Development viridi windows wallet, Masternodes and blockchain
Social Communications setup
4th Quarter 2018 presale 1-2 open total 30.000.000 coins presale 1 + 20%, presale 2 + 10% viridicoin
Airdrops and Bounty program
New investment plan for 2019.
Agreement with the cannabis farm in Schaffhausen ended, Viridi start investing in Cannabis stocks.
1th Quarter 2019
Test of Viridi windows wallet
Swap of Viridi token to Viridi Coin (VIC) 23/3-2019
Viridi coin on exchange site
Proof Of Parking (POP) ready for first lock from 23/3 to 5/4-2019
2th Quarter 2019
Payout from Proof of Parking (POP) Q1
Release Masternodes LVL 1-2-3
Release of Viridi windows wallet Viridi coin on more exchanges sites.
New investment possibilities for Viridi coin
VIRIDI is a highly focused currency, built on POW/POS, for the Marijuana Industry.
Viridi Coins
Frequently Questions

By Masternodes and Coin staking (Proof of Parking)

Masternode is POS (Proof of Stake). We have developed three types of them.

Each type takes a different amount of VIRIDI and brings a variety of income. This system is

called Triple Security Node.

  • Light Node requires 5.000 VIC.
  • Medium Node requires 15.000 VIC.
  • Full Node requires 25.000 VIC.

During POS Masternodes will receive the following reward (different for each type) for maintaining

network stability and performing additional functions:

Light Node 7% from total block reward

Medium Node 30% from total block reward

Full Node 60% from total block reward

Yes we have a online wallet on and later this year we will launch our PC download wallet.

Viridi Coin is a REAL coin running on our own blockchain.

Yes on , and our plan is to get listed on some more exchanges in 2 quarter of 2019

You can sell and buy your viridicoins, between persons by using the webwallet.

Do you have a question about investment and opportunities with Viridi, then you are welcome to contact us for more details.
Exer Family Presents
Great Investments

In addition to buying and selling the currency in itself, we are proud to present the following opportunities for you – which you invest in with your VIRIDI’s.